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canton fair in october 2020

from october 15th to 24th, the 128th china import and export fair (also known as the "canton fair") was held online. after the outbreak, the convention and exhibition industry, which has a high concentration of people and logistics, has been greatly affected. since this year, most exhibitions around the world have been cancelled or postponed. the innovative online exhibition held by the canton fair has been praised by a large number of suppliers and buyers. compared with the online canton fair in june, this canton fair has been greatly improved in many aspects such as visitor registration, communication and negotiation, and live broadcast signals. it is more user-friendly and has been praised by everyone.

dongguan ruifengyuan packaging mfg co., ltd. actively participated in the online canton fair, and broadcasted perfume boxes, cigar boxes, wine boxes, gift boxes, health care products boxes, safes, commemorative coin box, makeup boxes,jewelry boxes to customers in different sessions and time zones. boxes and other products. more than 12 hours of live broadcast every day for 10 consecutive days, training the team, compared with the last time, this time the effect is obvious, many new and old customers through this live broadcast, have a deeper understanding of ruifengyuan packaging, and see more rich products have laid a solid foundation for the company's subsequent development.

online canton fair from october 15th to 24th, 2020 (customized wine box, cigar box, perfume box, gift box, watch box, safe)

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