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rfy box factory team activity-barbecue

rfy box factory team activity-barbecue

before the heat of september had dissipated, the autumn breeze of october had faintly arrived, and time passed quickly. it just so happens that national day and mid-autumn festival are on the same day, and people are reunited when the moon is full. life is not only about the present, but also poetry and the future. work is not only about the company and home, but also the team activities that come just before you say it!

in order to let all colleagues relax after work and create opportunities for colleagues to understand each other in depth; thereby promoting emotional exchanges between teams, creating a united and positive corporate culture and team spirit of cooperation, ruifengyuan has nearly 80 more than management staff organized a large barbecue dinner team activity!

barbecue on the days of autumn and fresh air, people are in a happy mood. after get off work on september 29, ruifengyuan's colleagues came to the company canteen on time to participate in this barbecue team night. this time all the ingredients and tools are self-provided. only by doing it yourself can you experience the fun of barbecue perfectly. thank you for your active participation.

in fact, it does not matter what you eat or play in team activities. the most important thing is that you have a group colleagues around you, who have the goal of working together to do a good job of quality, and have the belief of ruifengyuan to realize their own life value, and strive to create, and then create brilliant! i want to say something: it’s great that ruifengyuan is with you.

ruifengyuan packaging box factory specializes in designing and producing various wine boxes, cigar boxes, commemorative coin box, gift boxes, watch boxes, watch winder, perfume boxes, health care products boxes, etc. welcome to negotiate.

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