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several questions about wine box packaging

several questions about wine box packaging

competition in the wine market is fierce. in addition to advertising and marketing, wine packaging is a battlefield without gunpowder. the design and production of wine packaging have received unprecedented attention. at the same time, the importance of adopting a series of designs has also attracted more and more attention. .

graphic text design is no longer a floating decoration, focusing on principles and performance themes, strengthening brand image and cultural connotation, and focusing on the attractiveness and temptation of packaging. pay attention to consumer psychology research and accurate market positioning, pay attention to visual impact and shelf effect. in addition, wine box packaging also has certain requirements for anti-counterfeiting. in addition to the design of the bottle mouth and cap of the packaging container, the wine packaging box is generally opened destructively torn and affixed with anti-counterfeiting labels to prevent counterfeiting. some wine packaging adopts the method of adding special shading to the packaging box, or improving the printing difficulty of the wine box packaging, which are commonly used anti-counterfeiting measures.

competition in the wine market is becoming increasingly fierce, and wine packaging is increasingly focusing on traditional habits and cultural connotations, and even some manufacturers and distributors pay too much attention to and rely on packaging. the wine packaging box market is more prosperous than ever, and behind this prosperity, there are many hidden worries. the packaging of some domestic wines cannot remain relatively stable, and the packaging is replaced more frequently, which not only causes a certain amount of waste, but also fails to give consumers an overall brand impression.

in addition to the usual requirements for the packaging and structure design of wine boxes, in order to pursue shelf effects and visual impact, the size of domestic wine boxes will generally increase, resulting in an increase in the space inside the box and an increase in the buffering part, so the transportation volume is also corresponding increase. in addition, excessive pursuit of differentiation and individualization of wine packaging. it is emphasized that wine packaging design must have characteristics and highlights in order to achieve the greatest sales effect. however, how to design wine packaging scientifically and rationally, how to reduce costs, and how to adapt to the requirements of environmental protection have not been well considered.

the phenomenon of excessive packaging and shoddy packaging in wine box packaging is also more serious, and the wine packaging materials and environmental pollution have not attracted enough attention. a large number of irreversible dyes such as foam and gold and silver cardboard have brought tremendous pressure to our environment.

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