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common inspection standards for wooden packaging boxes

common inspection standards for wooden packaging boxes

1. the surface of the wooden box is not allowed to be damaged or stained. other obvious defects, such as rust spots, peeling, cracking and rot, are not allowed to have sensory defects, such as splicing, lack of material, damage, color difference, non-stick magnets, etc., in the same batch the material requirement of the wooden box is that the color and performance must be consistent. the spray-painted wooden box should also check the quality of the paint, gloss and flatness.

2. printed and processed patterns on the surface of the wooden box, the text is clear and correct, the depth is the same, the position is accurate, the ink is not allowed to fall off, there are no typos, printing errors, ghost patterns and text, and the bar code must be identifiable.

3. after the wooden box is formed, the laminated board must not be deformed, the paint must not fall off, etc., and corresponding protection measures must be taken during the transportation. during the normal loading and transportation of the product, the transport wooden box must be used in accordance with the requirements of the wooden box pallet. the thickness of the inner plate of the transport light wooden box is not less than 5mm, and the thickness of the pallet of the transport wooden box body is not less than 9mm. the wooden box must be able to keep the wooden box body from cracking, board cracking, degumming, deformation, etc. in fact, standard plastic pallets can be used to protect the transportation of wooden boxes.

4. the material and adhesive of the wooden box body must meet the standards of the food and beverage industry, and there must be no peculiar smell and other abnormalities that obviously affect the experience of use. check whether the internal adhesion and workmanship are exquisite.

5. in the normal storage process, the wooden box should not be cracked, degummed, deformed, magnets are not sticky, etc., locks aligned, glue overflowing, etc.

6. check that the wooden box accessories, such as locks, hinges, etc., can not rust and can be opened and closed normally.

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