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commodity packaging design should cater to consumers' psychology

commodity packaging design should cater to consumers' psychology

1. attracting people's attention is an important factor to enhance the packaging effect

"attention" is a characteristic of the process of mental cognition, it is people's concentrated vision, hearing, etc., the characteristic of people's attention in perception, memory or thinking. a packaging design must make consumers pay attention and understand, and form a solid memory. it is particularly inseparable from the human eyes, ears and other sense organs to identify language, color, graphics and sound conditions in the packaging.

the fashion cultural characteristics of packaging design are reflected in people’s visual cognition process, instead of passively accepting the stimulation of objective things. it is carried out under the interaction of objective things and human subjective psychological factors. the text, graphics, color and styling form are a visual element of consumers, and these packaging design elements must have certain individual characteristics to attract consumers' attention.

 2. emotion and association

it is not difficult for a designer to be eye-catching in packaging design, but it is difficult in the design process to be different and reflect the cultural connotation of commodities. among the many elements of product packaging design, color has the strongest visual impact. the color used in product packaging will make consumers associate, induce various emotions, and change the buying psychology. but it should be noted that the use of color to stimulate people's emotions must follow certain rules. psychological research believes that in food packaging design, blue, green, purple, etc. should be used less, and orange, orange, etc. should be used as much as possible, which is reminiscent of harvest and mature colors, thereby causing customers' appetite to promote buying action. when consumers buy tonics, they are mostly satisfied with large-area packaging in warm colors. the packaging of goods should also consider matching with the market positioning, grade, value and cost of the goods. consumers generally believe that the quality and image of the packaging reflect the quality and image of the product, but they must also pay attention to avoid excessive packaging, so as not to make consumers feel flashy and deceived.

3. successful product packaging design should also make consumers unforgettable

psychology believes that memory is the reproduction of things experienced in the past, and memory is an important link in the process of psychological cognition. the basic process includes memory, retention, recall and reconfirmation. among them, memory and retention are the prerequisites, and recall and reconfirmation are the results. therefore, if the product packaging design is to be remembered by consumers, it must reflect the distinctive personality characteristics of the product, have concise and clear text and image, and also reflect the cultural characteristics of the product and modern consumer fashion, so that the packaging can be remembered. people's psychological activities are extremely delicate and elusive, and people often buy goods based on their own impressions. the psychological test of consumers shows that beauty and ugliness, elegance and vulgarity, attention and rejection, these psychological emotions, not only men and women, young people and old people, but also because of the preferences of countries, regions and individuals. therefore, a seemingly simple product package permeates the theoretical basis of consumer psychology. by continuously analyzing the psychological needs of target customers and establishing different consumer buying behavior patterns on this basis, the relationship between product packaging and consumer psychology can be accurately explored, thereby improving the effect of packaging design and stimulating consumers’ desire to purchase products .

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