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the value of packaging

the value of packaging

in all kinds of human activities, we can find the decisive influence of culture. whether it is buying products, manufacturing and selling products, whether it is providing material or spiritual enjoyment, we can find that culture always affects our life. in the 21st century, packaging has evolved from simple protection and regulation functions to a bridge between production and consumption. as an important cultural phenomenon, packaging design has become a common behavior in human economic activities, and it has been sublimated from past product packaging to cultural packaging during its development. packaging combines various elements such as industrial production, technology, culture and art, folk customs, etc., which can not only protect and promote goods, but also promote the development of goods and increase the added value of goods.

(1) the meaning and function of commodity packaging

commodity packaging refers to containers and packaging used to hold and wrap goods. the packaging of goods can be divided into two parts. there are three types of packaging: inner packaging, middle packaging and outer packaging. with the development of market economy, commodity packaging is becoming more and more important. also becoming more prominent. it not only protects goods and reduces wear and tear, but also facilitates measurement, purchase, carrying, transportation and storage. there is also the function of decorating and beautifying goods, stimulating purchase desire and promoting sales.

commodity packaging has become an important part of commodities. if the design can meet the psychological needs of consumers, it can stimulate consumers' desire to buy. therefore, it has become a necessity to study its connection with consumer psychology.

(2) the psychological function of commodity packaging

1. stimulate the purchase function. commodity packaging is an inseparable part of commodities, and is the first part consumers see when choosing products. therefore, the packaging of goods directly affects the image of the goods in the minds of consumers. special, novel and exquisite packaging can arouse consumers' strong interest and stimulate consumers' interest and desire to buy.

2. promote product features. the color on the packaging, the manufacturer's introduction, and instructions for use are all forms of product advertisements, which play an important role in promoting the image of the product and facilitate consumers to choose and purchase.

3. enjoy the features. the packaging design is exquisite, full of contemporary and artistic charm, which can not only increase the value of the product, beautify the product, increase the appearance value of the product, and give consumers a sense of beauty and enjoyment. some consumers with strong aesthetic concepts tend to buy exquisitely packaged goods.

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