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the benefits of solid wood box lacquer

the solid wood box is natural and environmentally friendly, and emphasizes the unique beauty of "the hibiscus comes out of the water, and the decoration is naturally carved". in that case, why lacquer? isn't it more natural and environmentally friendly to keep the original color of the log? it's not true!

1. the benefits of solid wood box lacquer-protect the wood

the wood of the solid wood box is relatively hard, so it is easy to polish a smooth and moist feel, but if it is directly exposed to the outside, it is easy to be scratched or abraded, so it is said: lacquer is just to put a layer of armor on the wooden box ! !

2. the benefits of solid wood box lacquer-prevent wood deformation

the moisture content has a great influence on the stability of the wood. as long as there are wet weather a few times a year, the life of the wood will be reduced. therefore, the surface of the wood is especially sealed to prevent the external moisture from quickly penetrating into the wood. it can also prevent the internal moisture from evaporating excessively, and allow the internal and external communication of the wood to proceed slowly and gently to ensure that the wood does not deform.

3. the benefits of solid wood wooden box lacquer-make the wooden box last longer, the more you use it, the more shiny

if the logs are directly exposed to the air, they are easily corroded and oxidized and discolored. after being lacquered, the wood does not come into direct contact with the air and will always retain the fresh wood color.

4. the benefits of lacquer for solid wood boxes-more delicate touch, easier to clean and maintain

no matter how finely polished, it is impossible to seal the wood pipes, and these pipes tend to be where dirt and dirt are hidden, and it is difficult to clean them. after being lacquered, the catheter is sealed and filled, and it can be cleaned up with a light wipe with a rag.

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