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several characteristics of solid wood jewelry box

several characteristics of solid wood jewelry box


solid wood jewelry boxes have always been loved by customers. i briefly summarized the advantages of solid wood jewelry boxes.

first, it is ornamental. the reason why many customers choose solid wood jewellery boxes is because the style of this jewellery wooden box is beautiful.the price is not cheap,so the trade union is very delicate. the material is solid wood, which is environmentally can even smell the wood, giving people a natural feeling. we paint the solid wood box and use soft flannel to make the interior. this kind of jewelry box will be very shiny and give people a noble feeling. putting it at home is not only a jewelry box,but also a decoration,it's a handicraft.

second, convenience, returning to the original attributes of the jewelry box, it is a vessel for storing jewelry. being able to place our favorite jewellery safely so that we can easily get it when we need to find it is the biggest role of the jewellery box. at present, some of the jewelry boxes newly developed by our company can play video files. we can add some unforgettable mp4 files. when we open the jewelry box, it will give people a pleasant mood. in addition, password locks and fingerprint locks can be added to better protect our jewelry, which is more humane and more convenient.

third, environmental protection. although the unit price of a solid wood jewelry box is not cheap, it can be recycled and used for many years. it can even be collected as a piece of art. this calculation is not only very affordable, but also has an appreciation. possibility. the general paper box and leather jewelry box, because the unit price is cheap, the workmanship is not fine, the material will be corroded and damaged after a long time, so this kind of jewelry box may be discarded after being used several times or months. it is really not environmentally friendly.

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