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how to choose wood for wooden jewelry boxes

how to choose wood for wooden jewelry boxes

at present, the jewelry boxes on the market are in a variety of different styles. they are roughly divided into wooden jewelry boxes, leather jewelry boxes, paper jewelry boxes, and plastic jewelry boxes. wooden jewelry boxes have a long history, high prices, and durability. they are still loved by many consumers. what kind of wood should i choose in the process of making wooden jewelry boxes?

before we make a wooden jewelry box, we must clarify the positioning of our jewelry box, whether we choose high-grade, original ecology, fashion, popularization, or other requirements. different positioning, the choice of materials is completely different. for example, if we want to pursue the original ecology, we can choose the original ecological solid wood as the material. the wood does not need additional treatment. it is the original texture. of course, there are also the growth defects of the wood itself, and it doesn’t even need much. for the subsequent processing, we don't need to spray paint or make the inside. it is just a very primitive wooden box. if we want high-end, we have to choose some better solid wood. there are also many types of solid wood. there are very expensive golden nanmu and cheap pine. then we can craft it and choose to spray matte. lacquer can also be sprayed with bright lacquer, and many techniques can be added, such as laser, engraving and so on. of course, we can also make complex interiors. we can use solid wood to make interiors, we can also add flannel, or even use higher-end microfiber, leather, and so on. we can also choose mdf and spray it with colored paint, such as a pink glossy lacquer jewelry box, it will be very fashionable. if we just want to make a popular, simple and cheap jewelry box, we can also use mdf outer bread pu or paper, so the cost will be reduced and it will be cheaper.

the choice of wood for wooden jewelry boxes, no matter which solid wood or mdf you choose, is determined by the needs of customers. according to the positioning of the wooden jewelry box to choose suitable materials, making the wooden jewelry box that customers want has always been one of the purposes of our company is to customize wooden jewelry boxes, please feel free to contact us dongguan ruifengyuan packaging mfg. co., ltd.

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