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how to customize wooden box packaging

how to customize wooden box packaging

dongguan wooden boxes, dongguan ruifengyuan packaging has wooden box business department, wooden box design department, wooden box finance department, wooden box purchasing department, wooden box human resources department, wooden box production department and wooden box quality department. the box production department has wooden box model department, wooden box carpentry department, wooden box sanding department, wooden box spraying department, wooden box polishing department, wooden box hardware department, wooden box hot stamping department, wooden box beer machine department, wooden box assembly department.

main business: solid wood boxes,mdf wooden boxes,spray-painted wooden boxes (high-gloss lacquered wooden boxes and matte lacquered wooden boxes), gift wooden boxes, etc., as well as various handmade paper boxes and leather boxes.

the main products are: perfume wooden box, watch wooden box, red wine wooden box, white wine wooden box, commemorative coin wooden box, health product wooden box, gift wooden box, wooden display stand, cigar wooden box, jewelry wooden box, cosmetic wooden box, jewelry wooden boxes, etc.

the various types of wooden boxes we produce involve a wide range of industries, and there are many lists. every year we independently design and produce more than 1,000 samples wooden boxes. our custom wooden boxes have no product and industry restrictions. as long as they are wooden boxes, they can be based on you. for your needs, we will design and produce products that accoeding to your requirements.

you only need to provide the wooden box or wooden product samples to be made, and we can make wooden boxes based on the samples. if you do not have samples, you can also come to our factory to choose samples. our factory has two exhibition rooms, which involve various crafts and various styles of wooden box packaging to make products. even if you only have a picture of a wooden box and an idea of a wooden box, you can contact us at any time. we have a professional wooden box design team, a wooden box model production team, and a professional business team to communicate with you and design wooden boxes for you. you choose the wooden box material, modify the wooden box plan for you, and make the wooden box for you. in a word, as long as you want to customize the wooden box, please contact us.

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