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the 114th china daily-use articles trade fair

from july 23 to 25, 2020, the 114th china daily-use articles trade fair was held at the shanghai new international expo center. it is a large-scale and long-established household goods industry in asia flagship exhibition. after years of accumulation and continuous innovation, the department store has always been a professional trading and cooperation exchange platform for household products trusted by the industry.

dongguan ruifengyuan packaging mfg. co., ltd. bring many samples, including the most representative lacquer wooden boxes, leather boxes, and paper boxes, including watch boxes, perfume boxes, wine boxes, gift boxes, jewelry boxes, cigar boxes, etc. many industries, led by the general manager to actively develop the market.

 there are also media interviews and reports on our packaging boxes. we will continue to adhere to the concept of serving customers and design, develop and produce packaging boxes suitable for customers in accordance with customer needs.

2020 china daily-use articles trade fair (watch box, perfume box, wine box, jewelry box, gift box, cigar box)

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