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storage of wooden boxes

storage of wooden boxes

generally, because the value of solid wood boxes is more expensive, the storage of solid wood boxes is much more complicated than the storage of ordinary packaging boxes. for wooden handicrafts, the specific storage methods are as follows:

1. avoid direct sunlight, not only for solid wood boxes, but also for all wooden crafts. since long-term sunlight can easily dry and crack the wood, this detail should be paid attention to when placing the wooden packaging box.

2. stay away from heat sources. in the cold winter, especially in the north, people will experience heating. however, in the group, try to keep the heating equipment 1 meter away from the wooden box to avoid prolonged baking of the wooden box, which will cause the wood to dry, deform, and locally degrade the paint film.

3. pay attention to the maintenance of the surface of the wooden box. now the surface of ordinary wooden boxes will be coated with a protective film. this paint wooden box is usually called a paint box, so if you want to protect wooden handicrafts, protecting this layer of paint film is the first task. wipe gently with a dry and soft cotton cloth every day, wash with a dry and wet cloth for a period of time, and finally apply a thin layer of light wax.

4. avoid using chemical solvents to remove stains. wooden packaging boxes are prone to stains due to their special properties. if there are stains on the surface of the wooden box, do not wipe it forcefully, and do not directly use chemical substances to clean it for convenience. this will not only scratch the wax, but also damage the wooden box.

5. avoid humid environments. in summer, indoor humidity is easy to return, and the wood itself will rot when exposed to water. at this time, we can separate the wooden box from the ground or wall and keep it dry.

6. avoid being scratched by hard objects. when you clean or move the wooden box, be careful not to scratch the wooden box with hard metal products.

7. most wooden box packaging will add a paper packaging box on the outside to protect the wooden box, so the wooden box can be placed in the carton when it is not needed for display, which can effectively protect the wooden box .

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