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production process of wine wooden box

wine wooden box production process

today, we will share with you the process of making red wine wooden boxes and wine wooden boxes. a series of questions about how to make mahogany boxes and wine boxes can be found in this article.

1. cutting board: according to the size of the wooden box to cut wood, pine wood board, tung wood board, poplar wood board, plywood, density board and other boards.

2. logo production: commonly used logo printing has three printing methods: hot stamping, screen printing and laser engraving. hot stamping is divided into ordinary hot stamping and gold plating. hot stamping requires copperplate engraving, and the order quantity is generally above 500, which can effectively reduce costs.

3. assembly of wine wooden box: generally use white rubber latex, nailed with mosquito nails, now because of environmental protection requirements, many boxes no longer use nails.

4. painting and polishing: the key to the production of wine wooden boxes is to spray paint and primer, and then polish and polish to make the surface of the wooden box smooth and bright.

5. installation hardware accessories: generally refers to hinges, locks, etc. used for connection.

6. inside the box, the material of the soft and fixed wine bottle is usually installed inside the wooden box, such as eva with flannel.

7. packaging and transportation.

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