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wooden box making-piano paint process

wooden box making-piano paint process

wooden box piano paint is a kind of spray paint. compared with ordinary high-gloss spray paint, piano paint has several essential differences:

first,the piano paint has a very thick primer layer, the topcoat has a high hardness, the surface layer is transparent, the penetration is strong, and it is brighter. because of the high hardness of the primer and topcoat used on the surface of the piano paint, the number of sprays is greater, the hardness is greater, and it is more resistant to scratches. due to these differences, the brightness, density, and stability of the piano paint are more effective than other paints. much higher. after decades, the surface of the piano lacquer surface is still as bright as the new one, and ordinary bright spray paint has long been oxidized and penetrated.

second,because the material used for piano paint is pe paint, which is harder than ordinary lacquer, it is more difficult to polish, and the cost is much higher. in addition, the number of spraying times is also large, which can suppress the volatilization of internal organic matter. the reason for the material is that the organic matter on the surface layer evaporates quickly, so the piano paint smells very little and is more environmentally friendly.

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