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shenzhen gifts&home exhibition in june 2020

the extraordinary year of 2020 must to be remembered. in the global epidemic, the first large-scale exhibition in china-shenzhen gifts & home fair opened, and dongguan ruifengyuan packaging mfg. co., ltd(rfy packaging). participated on june 20-23 the 28th shenzhen gifts & home fair held by the shenzhen international convention and exhibition center is actively faced with new and old customers, exploring the domestic market under the epidemic situation abroad, seeking survival and development!

as the first large-scale trade show in shenzhen after the epidemic, shenzhen gifts & homeware fair made full preparations to welcome all professional buyers to visit and purchase with a new look. the exhibition area reached 160,000 square meters, and nearly 3,500 companies participated in the exhibition, bringing visitors purchase options such as promotional gifts, business gifts, and festive welfare gifts. new pavilions, new products, new technologies, and new models were unveiled one after another, demonstrating the new weather of industry recovery.

the sales team of dongguan ruifengyuan packaging mfg. co., ltd(rfy packaging) takes all kinds of exquisite gift boxes, wine boxes, jewelry boxes, tea boxes, watch boxes, perfume boxes. models such as coin boxes and safes were exhibited, and they were sought after by customers as in previous years. many customers said that the packaging of ruifengyuan made people shine, and they felt that the packaging can also be so exquisite and high-end, and they stopped to watch , leaving contact information.

shenzhen gift&home fair (gift boxes,wood boxes,leather boxes,paper boxes)

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