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12th china processing trads products fair


12th china processing trads products fair,dongguan ruifengyuan packaging,ltd(rfy)online live time

may 13th wine box、cigar box    9:30~12:30

may 13th safe、cigar box    12:30~15:30

may 13th jewelry box、watch box    16:10~19:10

may 14th safe、cigar cabinet    10:10~13:10

may 14th wine box、cigar box    13:10~16:10

may 14th gift box、tea box    16:10~19:10

may 15th perfume box、jewelry box     10:10~13:10

may 15th watch winder、food box     13:10~16:10

may 15th safe、cigar cabinet     16:10~19:10


may 16th perfume box、watch winder    10:10~13:10

may 16th safe、cigar cabint    13:10~16:10

may 16th coin box、watch box    16:10~19:10

       following the lens, our customers can see the company's environment, exhibition room, workers' mental appearance and work efficiency, service processes, etc. although they can't walk into our facory, they also maximize the process of "exploring the factory". from may 13th to may 16th, our factory's business will online and became the anchor, introducing you to some of the company's exhibits, involving all kinds of wine boxes, cigar boxes, watch boxes, safes, watch winder, perfume boxes , coin box, gift box, tea box and many other product lines, sincerely welcome you to come to consult and negotiate!

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